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Will we find freedom in the digital future?

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on June 12, 2022, 12:00 AM (ET)
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Outside / In is an interactive digital art work inspired from the logic of the panopticon. It is a multidisciplinary science fiction allegory that shines light into the corners of a society built on systems of control. Three separate digital rooms will be available for viewing during this livestream event.

The first room is clinical, an assessment room. Here the audience will witness a series of interrogations in which three protagonists are subject to the questions of their Assessor, whose predatory mission is to extract behavioral data. They confide in her, and all three evoke a vision of a secret place in the forest, that does not seem to be fully controlled by the system.

The second room immerses the viewer in a sonic and visual composition that opens on the dream world of each of the protagonists, representing their quest for a regenerating reality and a potential for freedom that lies hidden in the forest.

The third room takes the viewer to the actors dressing room, an “hors champs” livestream broadcast. Here we see the point-of-view of the actor, exposing their discussions as they set their characters aside and reflect on the reality of our times.


Canadian Arts CouncilConseil des arts de MontréalFABRIQ architecture