The global village is populated with “discarnate” human beings who no longer exist as physical presences; instead the electronic or discarnate person is simply an image or an information pattern, nothing more
— Marshall McLuhan

We often think of freedom as a place without borders, without restrictions. A place with no boundaries. A society where we can express our differences completely, where we can follow our deepest desires. Self-determination. Civil liberty. But sometimes we forget that this place we are looking for resides inside of us, we need to cultivate the imaginative capacity of our secret gardens to find freedom, before seeking it in the outside world. The more we contemplate ourselves and others in the social media mirror the further we are from truth and freedom. The outside becomes the inside and we become shadows of ourselves. However on our journey, there are many doors to unlock, rooms to discover, windows to open.


  • Conception and Artistic Direction: Mark Lawes
  • Texts: Mark Lawes, Raphaële Thiriet, Kyle Thomas
  • Director of Photography and Editing: Kyle Thomas
  • Music: Ian Jarvis
  • Actors: Hélène de Blois, Nicole Jacobs, Raphaele Thiriet, Jon Lachlan Stuart
  • Website Design: Louis-Olivier Brassard
  • Livestream Broadcast: Jason Rodi

Theatre Junction would like to thank Marc Bertrand, Véronique Gourdeau-Chevrette, Juliette Sarrazin, Stéphanie Decourteille, Magali Thibault Gauthier, Simon Ethier, Studio du Château, Hors Champs, and Espace Ouvert for their contributions to the project.


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